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July 24, 2006


Do you think I have enough stuff out on my workspace to make one item?!! After several days of planning, experimenting, and finally creating, I'm close to finishing my page for Joleen's Hot Pink and Orange fatbook. It will need some embellishing after I reduce and make copies but otherwise I think I'm 99% done. Like I've said before, I can be really slow and deliberate when I create - this is an area I really need to work on improving.

So did everyone survive the scorcher last weekend? We spent one day at the coast and although it was still warm and a little humid, it was great to get away from the awful 104 degree heat here at home. It was a lovely day and we exhausted the dogs (and ourselves) after running around the beach, walking about town, and going on a 3-mile hike to another beach. I'm looking forward to returning to the second beach because it was wonderfully secluded and rife with beautiful stones. I searched for those elusive heart-shaped stones but no luck this time. However, I did pick up a vintage folding yardstick at an antique store and a 1928 book at the local library's freebie bin.


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