edina tien: catching up on the 12 days gift swap

December 20, 2006

catching up on the 12 days gift swap

I'm so grateful to be a part of this swap with such talented artists. Here are the awesome gifts I received on Days 2 through 8.

Day 8: a fabulous altered CD dangly made by Liz Smith

Day 7: a lovely booklace made by Penelope Harris

Day 6: a breathtaking beewax collage made by Katie Kendrick

Day 5: a gorgeous necklace made by Kristen Robinson

Day 4: a beautiful notebook made by Deb Lewis

Day 3: my canvas collage

Day 2: a wonderful soldered pendant made by Amy Huff

And actually on our assigned day, we got to open a bonus present because we have 13 people in our group. So I opened the fantastic gift made by Maija Lepore on Day 3 but won't post a photo until everyone else gets a chance to open theirs.


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