edina tien: face and navel-gazing

February 16, 2007

face and navel-gazing

In drawing class, we have been working on self-portraits for the past week and have to turn in another one on Monday. I have been working on mine for the last several hours and need to take a break from looking at myself in the mirror!

On a sort of related topic...yesterday, hubby showed me a PC Magazine article (March 6, 2007 issue) about a market research firm forecasting a peak and drop off of the popularity of blogs. The number of active blogs as of last month was around 63 million. They predict the number will top off at 100 million in 2007 and then decrease and level off at around 30 million. That firm's analyst said that blogging is now in the hype phase, but eventually bloggers and readers will pass into a "trough of disillusionment, where they'll realize that blogging isn't the greatest thing since sliced bread." Others disagree with the prediction and say that blogs are "still the domain of the early adopters."

Occasionally, I think I'm headed into that trough, especially when I get tired of the self-examination and feel like there's just not enough time to live interesting stories and also write about them (and on top of that, reading everyone else's!) And sometimes I wonder if my presence in the "blogosphere" is really that compelling to more than a few people.

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