edina tien: March 2007

March 28, 2007

oh my...

I'm very sorry I have been so remiss about posting...been busy getting ready for ArtFest amongst other things. Thought I'd pop in to let you know I haven't fallen off the planet and will have lots of cool things to share when I return next week. Stay tuned!

March 21, 2007

cyberspace detours

Can't remember what I was originally looking up of course, but while doing a web search I stumbled upon this blog where I discovered these wonderful artists that I thought were worth sharing:

Le Jardin de Miss Clara

Maggie Taylor

March 19, 2007

pet food recall

In case you haven't already heard, please check out this site for details about the dog and cat food recall. I saw on the news that several pets have already died from consuming these products and noticed two popular name-brands on the list: Iams and Eukanuba

March 18, 2007

yellow green collage

Just finished this collage for another swap, again hosted by The Creative Underground, called Crayola Color Cache. The collage will be reduced and made into small color copies and be wrapped around our assigned crayon, so we'll get back a box of Crayolas with mini collages attached to each corresponding color. They come up with such creative swap ideas!

ADDENDUM 3/22/07 - We had to provide a short blurb about the inspiration/design process for our collages which I just wrote today, so I thought I'd add that here...

After I signed up for this swap, I dug through my box of Crayolas so I could see what Yellow Green really looked like - not only the crayon itself, but also when colored on paper. It reminded me of one of my favorite colors of Golden brand acrylic paint, Green Gold, so I used that as the starting point for my collage. Then I started layering, going back and forth between mark-making tools (paint, watercolor crayons, colored pencils, paint pens, vine charcoal) and other elements (ephemera, rubber stamped images, gel medium transfers of text from old books). The phrase was composed from words out of an old book that I thought fit with the image of the man and woman. I liked the contrast of the pink in the fabric draped over the woman’s chair, so I added the postage stamp and paper flowers to encourage movement of the viewer’s eye.

March 15, 2007

some freebies

Here's a link to some free vintage and other St. Pat's image downloads from Lisa Vollrath. She does ask that you post the link to your blog or other online art group/message board this time (different than in the past). Enjoy!

March 14, 2007

new-to-me blog and artist

Just a quick post today...discovered this cool blog which led me to the work of this artist. I love those butterflies!!

March 08, 2007

home sweet home

Here are two of my fabric ATCs for a swap entitled Home Sweet Home. Hostess Tracie Lyn will be assembling everyone's ATCs into house-shaped wall hangings, each with three windows and a door along with a roof that she will be providing - way cool!

March 06, 2007

art for a cause

Please check out these three wonderful fatbooks being auctioned off by Maija - all proceeds will benefit Bernie Berlin's A Place to Bark animal rescue.

Book One

Book Two

Book Three

March 02, 2007

textile temptations

One last thing before the weekend: I love perusing this yarn store's website, and now they offer a lovely selection of fabrics. Take a look at these yummy designs ($35 a yard!!)

artella article

I was recently asked to be interviewed for Artella's online creativity newspaper, The Daily Muse. Someone on their staff came across my blog and was interested in having me as a Featured Artist. I was flattered to be asked and am tickled that my interview is scheduled to be published next Thursday, March 8. You can check out the front page blurb that day by bookmarking this link or sign up for a free two-day subscription or a $3 monthly subscription to read the full article. I'm also supposed to get a copy to put on my blog so will try to do that, too.

Have an artfully splendid weekend!